• Travel Cubic-Privacy Policy :

    Travel Cubic believes in the absolute privacy of its users, maintaining high confidentiality. Our site’s nature requires high data collection for painless registrations and bookings. The personal data collected is used by us in the following ways:

    • For booking services, your personal information and payment details are used by Travel Cubic which are stored in the database.
    • Dedicated surveys may be sent to you via email based on your buying history for improving your experience on the website.
    • For personalized advertisement and other content, we use the information to provide you with relevant and highly engaging ads.
    • You will be getting promotional emails and discounts by Travel Cubic according to your preferences.
    • Use your number to send your booking and trip details.
    • We make sure you are provided with 24/7 customer service which uses your data for a better experience.
    • For security purposes, we will use your phone number and email.
    • Cookies data for tracking the behavior of our user.

    We keep our user's data protected and it is not sold to any third party but Travel Cubic can disclosure your details to third party apps and services under the following condition:

    • In case of any legal issue where court orders for the information, Travel Cubic will have to provide your personal data to them.
    • Travel Cubic is only a link between you and the 3rd Party, so for all the reservations and purchases, Travel Cubic will share your data with them.
    • For the legal defense of our company.
    • In the case of any legal obligation.
    • To post services in a situation where we have to send you tickets.
    • In the situation of a merger of our company, all data has to be transferred.
    • Any party chosen by you can have access to your data, in this case, Travel Cubic would not be responsible for any unfortunate event as the data will be shared with your consent.

    The management of data on your site is fully secure and protected. We have a dedicated team for data security which ensures real-time protection of your details. All credit/debit card information is encrypted and stored in our database. Our website uses the SSL layer for all transfer of data on the internet which sends the packets in encrypted form. In case of any suspicious activity on your account, Travel Cubic notifies you via email and your phone number.Our company does not buy security services from any third party.