• Terms and conditions for Travel Cubic services:

    Flight tickets:

    Airline terms.
    • Every airline has its own terms and conditions. Travel Cubic will provide users a link to the terms and conditions of the airlines as Travel Cubic does not have to adhere to them.
    • The quality of services of the airline is not guaranteed by Travel Cubic as we are only a bridge between you and the airline.
    • Travel Cubic would not be responsible for any damage done during the flight. That is solely between the customer and the airline.
    • The pricing for the same airline can vary according to the services.
    • The baggage fares enlisted on Travel Cubic are “hand baggage fares” only. For additional information, the user will have to contact the airline.
    Code sharing.
    • Airlines have code sharing terms with other airlines and if your flight has any code sharing, Travel Cubic will show it before booking and payment.
    • Travel Cubic can show codeshare agreements to the users only if the airline has informed the company.
    • The user will have to pay all the amount shown at the checkout before the confirmation of the booking. In case the user delays the payment, Travel Cubic has all the rights to cancel the booking. The fare breakdown is shown on the checkout page.
    • 24 months is the minimum age to avail the infant fare for both onward and the return journey. Exceeding the age limit on return journey will require a new child fare booking.
    • Infants and children are obliged to have an adult company as stated by airline policy.
    Travel documents.
    • Travel Cubic would not cover anything in case of a user’s inability to travel because of incomplete documents. Hence, users are advised to bring all the required documents for a hassle-free journey.
    • The user shall check the document requirement himself and cannot take the word of Travel Cubic final.
    Check-In terms.
    • All identification proofs are to be carried by the user for the passengers traveling on the airline.
    • Travel Cubic only suggests the usual check-in timings for flights which can vary from airline to airline. Users should confirm the check-in timings of their respective airlines.
    Flight segments.
    • If due to any reason, the user cannot get on the flight, Travel Cubic would not be requiring any alternate routes and the user will be subject to the airline’s cancellation policy.
    Changing existing bookings.
    • Travel Cubic will charge its users a certain service fee for any change in the booking.
    • The user will have to pay the charges set by the airline in case of the changing details.
    • The charges for each airline can vary depending on the airline’s policy but Travel Cubic will charge a fixed service fee.
    • All refunds will be processed by the airline’s rules and policies.
    • The convenience fee charged by us is nonrefundable.
    • The refund will be sent to the same cardholder. Users can not transfer funds to the other account.
    • Airline cancellation must be initiated at Travel Cubic as well for the refund process. The service fee is charged by us before the refunding procedure. The refund time can vary depending on the airline, bank, etc.
    • For the partially utilized tickets, promos and discounts would be deducted from the refund.


    Role and limitations.
    • Travel Cubic is an online platform for booking hotels and other services. We do not own any of the services that are listed on our website.
    • All the facilities and features of each hotel listed on their respective pages are provided by them and it is reference information. The reality can be different for which we suggest the users to solve the issues themselves. Our company is not responsible for any sort of discrepancy.
    Hotel information and its terms.
    • Travel Cubic issues its users a hotel voucher after confirmation of the bookings. If in spite of confirmed booking, the hotel cannot accommodate the user, or provide the listed services, Travel Cubic will not be held accountable and such issues are to be resolved with the hotel directly.
    • Any error caused by our system resulting in a denial of check-in by the hotel, Travel Cubic will either refund the whole amount or provide an alternate option near the same hotel
    • Hotels have the right to admission and we cannot say anything in it. If the user does not abide by the hotel policies and rules, hotels have all rightsto cancel the booking and in such cases, Travel Cubic will not be giving refunds to users.
    Additional hotel charges.
    • The booking amount at Travel Cubic is for the hotel stays only and it does not cover any additional charges like breakfast, laundry, internet, drinks, etc. All these additional charges should be paid by the user at the time of checkout.
    • Hotels are allowed to surcharge on the festive events and we have no control over these. All such charges are to be cleared at the hotel.
    Payment models.
    • Users can either follow our prepaid model or our pay at the hotel model of payment.
    • In the prepaid model, the user pays the total amount before booking which can include `a variety of charges that are shown to the user.
    • In some instances, hotels or Travel Cubic may require the user to make a part booking with correct credit or debit card details. In case of incorrect details, the bookings can be canceled by the Travel Cubic.
    • Travel Cubic does not account for the transaction fee charged by the banks. In such case, the user will have to contact the bank for the details.
    • Some hotels require the customers to deposit some cash at the check-in for additional services. Travel Cubic has no relation to such charges.
    • The user will pay the amount at the check-in time in ‘pay at hotel’ model. The currency would be local or any currency defined by the hotel.
    Responsibility and liability:
    • Travel Cubic being a holiday package supplier has not many liabilities as we only arrange or purchase services from other suppliers. We do not operate any of the services we provide.
    • We are not responsible for any purchases you make during the holiday from any merchant.
    • In case of loss of items, theft, and other related issues, it is on the customer and not on the company. It is required that you should have appropriate travel insurance before booking a holiday.
    • Faults of the third party suppliers are not covered by Travel Cubic.
    • Our rates are negotiated with the hotels but they have the right to change at any time. In such cases, you will be informed about the change.
    • Travel Cubic has all the rights to cancel the booking of any person they want without giving a reason.
    • Baggage and its care are up to the customer and we will not offer any compensation in case of baggage loss.
    Passport and Visa:
    • If you are buying a package from us, you must arrange your passport and visa before the tour date. This is your responsibility and the company will not be held accountable.
    • We provide visa services on request. In such cases, the user will have to pay an additional visa processing fee and we will take responsibility for providing the visa before the due date.
    Health and vaccination:
    • Tours are equipped with basic first aid and anything beyond that will be paid by the customer.
    • In case of admission to the hospital due to some diseases or accident, we will not cover the costs. It is encouraged to have health and travel insurance before booking a holiday.
    • Make sure you are properly vaccinated before the holiday. In case of ongoing vaccination, you must report it to us along with the valid vaccination certificate.
    Agent Responsibilities:
    • The agent’s job is to ensure that all travel documents issued by Travel Cubic are valid, and the customers are aware of the cancellation and amendment policy of the company.
    Making changes in the plan:
    • Most of the packages are flexible and allow deviations in case someone wants to change their mind.
    • Tour plan is changeable with requests made 21 days before the start of the tour.
    • All requests for the deviations are to be made in a writing.
    • Travel Cubic will charge INR 5000-/ processing and cancellation fee from the users.
    • No cancellation or deviation can be made during the tour.
    • If the cancellation is due to some unavoidable crises like war, political unrest, natural disaster, etc, Travel Cubic will provide a complete refund minus the nonrefundable charges.
    Payments and reservation:
    • Users have to make a 30% initial deposit before commencement of the trip to reserve their spot.
    • Airlines can impose other fees that are the responsibility of the passenger.
    • Final payments are to be made 21 days before the tour date.
    • Travel Cubic will charge INR 5000-/ processing and cancellation fee from the users.
    • Price does not include additional charges like laundry service, internet, telephone, liquor, visa fee, etc.
    Making the final payment.
    • The final payment is due 21 days before the start of the tour. Any payment not finalized till then will result in the cancellation of the booking.
    • In this case, cancellation charges will be applied along with the service and processing fee.
    • All prices stated on the website are in Indian Rupee for a per person.
    Form of payment.

    We offer our customers 3 modes of payment. They are given below.

    • Credit card: The payment is done online through our secure system. An additional surcharge of 3% will be charged for Visa and MasterCard and 4% for American Express. The person paying through credit card must go through our credit card terms. After agreeing to them, he might continue with the payment.
    • Cash Payment: These are accepted at our offices only and the currency is Indian Rupee.
    • Direct Deposit: Once the payment has been confirmed via the direct deposit, only then the bookings will be confirmed.

    For cancellation, contact us on our email and call us on our customer care number. The refund if applicable will process within35 days of the notice. The cancellation fee is given below.

  • Before 30 days of the tour

    Before 29-22 days of the tour

    Before 16-21 days of the tour

    Before 15-0 days of the tour

  • 10% of the cost.

    30% of the cost.

    60% of the cost.

    100% of the cost.